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, still nice as it will be cooler with a pleasant outlook, just to be outside. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, we had showers, even lightning strikes across central pa. york and lancaster getting hit with showers this morning. over towards philadelphia is where you'll run into that stuff. we are dry right here south of the border in through maryland. we have ourselves a 79 spot on the thermometer from northeast to edgewood and back towards annapolis. otherwise we are expecting temperatures up to 92. early afternoon, when strong storms will pass through. it's not going to be that bad, but the worse will be done by 2:00 or 3:00 and get clearing into the weekend. right now, let's see if there's any clearing on the traffic side. here is kim brown. >> justin, indeed there is. an earlier accident that we were working in frederick county. the southbound lanes of i-270 past route 85 has been cleared out of the travel lanes. all lanes have been reopened. the crash activity has been moved off to the right shoulder. we are very quiet traffic wise. traffic moving very well, flowing freely.
on the driver at the scene. >>> the maryland victim of the terrorist attack in uganda is in a hospital where show was flown for treatment. mike hellgren has more. >> reporter: her uncle says having her patients by her side has greatly lifted emily's spirits. classmates of emily kersetter held a prayer of support for the 16-year-old yesterday who's undergoing another surgical red your -- procedure today as she recovers from severe injuries including her legs being shattered. she had been doing missionary work with imoff verred -- impoverished children in africa. at the church in delaware, family and friends held a memorial service for the only american killed in the same suicide blast. his brother -- >> his life ended too early but we look at the few years god gave him. we're humble he was used in such a way. >> reporter: the group called al shabaab is reportedly planning more attacks. more than 70 people were killed and dozens more were wounded including five other missionaries with emily kersetter's group. this was the group's first terror attack outside of somali. the fbi is helping with s
him of violating maryland's wire tap law. >> the trooper asked him if he was recording. and he said no. >> you shouldn't be pross cuted for videotaping. >>> when a policeman arrests someone, that's a public act. >>> i've got letters from delegates. saying, take a look at this. >>> to get a better reading, ask the attorney general's office for advice. it may not locally require any electronics. >>> it also advises that the conversation is not likely to be considered a private. >> there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in those circumstances. >>> if you're going to have a law on the books, i'm going to go forward. >>> violating maryland's wire tap laws comes with fines. >>> a rough commute home for drivers. sky eye chopper 13 was over perry hall. a truck struck the front of the car and tipped over. one person had to be rescued. no word on the extent of that more person's injuries. but the road was shut down as police investigated. >>> an accident caused that road to be shut down for a period of time. at least eight people were involved in that wreck. one person had minor injuries.
not responded to wjz's request for comment. >>> a helicopter crash claimed the lives of four marylanders tonight. investigators revealed what caused it all. it was just over a year ago that the commercial helicopter went down along interstate 70 near boonsboro. a report released this week said the july 23rd crash was accidental. witnesses say the helicopter hit a power line, burst into flames. the pilot and three passengers were killed. >>> video of a traffic stop by a maryland state trooper gained national attention, when it's posted on you tube. and tonight, that recording has mushroomed into a controversy involving a state's attorney, some state delegates, and now the attorney general. alex demetrick explains why so may -- many are weighing in on this case. >> reporter: when anthony grayber posted his motorcycle ride on you tube, it opened the door to criminal prostitution. -- prosecution. >> i don't want to go to jail. >> but he might be prosecuted because of what the helmet cam picked up. >> as soon as he told me to take my gear off, i took the camera off. but what he taped, he posted it. >
12 times outside a mt. vernon night club. >>> a maryland teenager finds herself at the center of a terrorist attack while watching the world cup in uganda. kelly mcpherson has more on the survivor. >> reporter: a maryland teen on a church mission trip with her grandmother sat in the croid watching the -- crowd, watching the world cup when the bomb exploded. >> they were having lunch whennette blast lappenned -- happened. >> reporter: emily kersetter is getting treatment for the attack. >> felt like i was asleep and was dreaming. then i realized my leg was bleeding. >> reporter: kersetter is a junior at mt. de sales academy. recently she wrote about her upcoming trip. >> she was most excited about helping others. >> reporter: a group with lirchs to -- links to al qaeda have claimed responsible. it killed a man who attend the university of delaware. they are continue -- determined to continue their work in uganda. >> i have to go back and see all of my friends. >> god is bigger than evil. >> i am thankful to be alive because if i was sitting two seats to the left, i would have l
are live out of prince george's county this morning. we are in greenbelt, maryland for this, the final stop on our hometown fridays tour. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >>> it is 6:00 and we are thrilled to be in the prince george's county. it is the final stop of our hometown friday tour this summer. we wanted to bring out as many people as we could. tony is here. we'll check in with him as well. >> holly is with us too this morning. you can't be in prince george's county and talk about greenbelt which is where we are this morning without talking about the goddard flight center so that is where she is this morning. we'll be talking with her very sortly. >> and beseeds what we think of greenbelt today, there is a lot of history in tbleen belted to talk about. we'll bring you all that history of the city. we have shared the history of places that we have visited all this month of july. green belt is a little different. it is one of the nation's first fully planned communities, born of the great depression last century as propossessed to t
a lawsuit in court. the maryland attorney general's office has declined to comment on the lawsuit. >> state police are investigating a deadly accident in westminster. it and 18-year-old of westminster was driving wind he it slowed down or stopped his car. it was hit by a truck, crossed the double yellow line and was hit by another vehicle. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. the view from skyteam 11 shows quite a mess left behind by a dump truck accident. this was earlier this afternoon. at the dump truck collided with several parked cars on pennington avenue just before 4:00 p.m.. the driver had to be rescued from the truck. there is no word on what caused the dump truck to crash. >> a real blow to the ravens tonight. their quarterback will miss the entire season with a knee injury. >> that news comes on what is usually an exciting day. we are live with more. >> just an absolutely perfect day to start training camp, but the quarterback was not out there. we learned that shortly after practice, he had torn his a c l in his knee. this was a move that he had described that he had don
arrested, but there is still quite a bit of support for the errors on a bill, including a maryland state delegate who plans to -- for the arizona bill, including a maryland state delegate to plans to introduce a similar measure. a >> id is not a party issue, it is an american issue. >> as many as 18 states say they want to push a similar bill similar to arizona. >>> coming up, a new twist. the key decision she has reached about her future. >> < 48 hours until chelsea clinton's wedding. -- less than 48 hours until chelsea clinton's wedding. >> first, the multiplying number of cases at arlington cemetery. >> first, the multiplying number of cases at arlington cemetery. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> outrage on capitol hill over the spiraling number of mislabeled graves at arlington national cemetery. >> as many as 6600 burial sites may have been affected. former superintendent john metzler blamed the problem on his staff and a lack of resources. and he said he takes full responsibility, but that was not good enough for one senator. >> it is called kee
force into the antianimal abuse, and would be the first in its kinds in the country. >>> a maryland man wanted in connection with a connection has been arrested in canada and returned to the u.s.. benjamin moore was taken into custody. he was wanted by the sheriff's department in connection with the death of devan baker. she was missing for more than a week when her body was found in a country club. he's charged with second degree murder. >>> now for a look at tonight's top stories,stephen pitcairn's murder may serve as an example of judicial failure, but lost in the steady drum beat of the blame game, pointing fingers and political maneuvering is the young man's life. at just 23 pitcairn did more for humanity than it ultimately did for him; a true mark of a strong young soul. >>> the title wave in ocean city is still closed tonight. three children were hurt last week. there's still no word on when the word will reopen. >>> the government's point man for the oil spill says there's been a delay in the oil procedure to help stop the oil leak for good. it's known as a static kill. >>>wildl
. south of baltimore. a lot of rain now in calvert county, p.g. county, and southern maryland. and one sill i just -- cell i just found here. howard county line, may get to you folks in carroll county, which didn't seem much this afternoon. there is hope for you phobes who didn't see -- folks who didn't see a drop of rain. bernadette has a look at other numbers. >>> it came and came so quickly. bigger amounts around the region. 1.77 inches of rain. north of baltimore city. tv hill, just under 1 and three- quarters inch of rain. roland park at just under a half. the thing is, as far as 1-inch- plus amounts. anywhere from northern parts of baltimore county to northern parts of aa county. and clipping eastern parts of howard county. that seems to be the bull's eye. there is that chance for more rounds of rain tonight, tomorrow, and wednesday. we'll have that forecast coming up shortly. right now, back inside. >>> wjz has checked with bge. about 17,000 people are without power right now. just about 7,000 people in the dark in baltimore city. 6600 are out in baltimore county. due to power o
for thousands of customers and killing one woman. >> a strong freak storm swept through maryland in a hurry sun afternoon leaving damage and killing one woman in prince georges county. >> i was told that the tree fell down as the claw was coming through. >> two women were inside the minivan. some of the washington d.c. suburbs got hit the hardest. >> it kind of blew in from nowhere and winds were swirling. i didn't see any funnel clouds. >> the storm knocked out power to 88 88,000 customers taking out power poles. >> it was pretty scary. >> the winds started snapping trees as bob ran for cover. >> i could see the trees coming down. and then small stuff was blowing down that way. but these were coming down one after another, i thought it would be more structural damage >> the strong chimney kept a tree from crashing the house, other fallen trees did plenty of damage in a brief storm that will leave some with lasting memories >> i am feeling so lucky. trying not to look at the dent in the car that is that far from where i was sitting. some are still out in prince georges county. the coast guard
, maryland to pepco headquarters downtown. he said he came here for answers. his power still has not been restored and he said there are five other mains on his street without power, as well. no clear damage in the area. hear what the president has to say to him specifically to ease his concerns and promise that maybe the power will get back on. we will have that part of the story new at 6:00. >> that's the thing he wants most, the power back on. thank you. >>> some frightening moments for a construction worker in northeast dc. the 62-year-old man was operating a heavy piece of equipment to dig a trench when he fell in to a large hole on maryland avenue on captiol hill. it took firefighters about 20 minutes to free him. the worker was rushed to the hospital with serious but what we understand are not life- threatening injuries. >>> federal investigators have ruled the helicopter crash that killed four people last summer was an accident. the ntsb says visibility was poor because of fog when a chopper went down along interstate 70. witnesses say the helicopter burst in to flames after it to
. maryland has reported six heat-related deaths. that's the same number maryland had all last year. three deaths have been reported in virginia from the heat and one in the district. definitely time to stay inside. the key today, if you do have to go outside, you want to wear light-colored clothing and have plenty of water with you. otherwise you're going to feel faint. it is extremely hot, unbearable if you're watching this on tv and you're in air conditioning, you're in the best spot in the house. >> good advice. thanks, jane. >>> mandatory water restrictions are in place for people in montgomery or prince george's county. the good news is relief is on the way. they have fixed the cracked water main but the work isn't finished yet. our reporter has been covering this since the dark of morning and she has the latest from potomac, maryland. >> reporter: the damaged section of pipe could be seen sitting along the side of the road this morning. the new segment is in place and work crews have begun to partially backfill the hole. the repair work should be completed sometime today. but that d
people on a maryland highway just over a year ago, has been ruled accidental. the ntsb's new report says it was difficult last july 23rd when the chopper went down. the crash killed the 24-year- old pilot, jeffrey nordawes and his three passengers. >>> rangers are boosting patrols. crews have located the body of 23-year-old quinton robinson, who drowned yesterday morning. baltimore county officials say robinson and two friends went fishing and went under and never resurfaced. rangers want people to know it is illegal and incredibly dangerous to swim in our local reservoirs. >>> three men have been killed in a bombing that killed a johns hopkins doctor and a maryland teen. >> reporter: well, kai, three men have been charged with 89 counts in the july 11th attack. 76 people were killed in the twin explosions in kampala. a somali militant group has ties to al qaeda. the blast shattered both legs of emily kerstetter. a 16-year-old from ellicott city. she's still recovering from a hospital in south africa. and a recent graduate, nathan hen was killed while doing aid. a memorial will be held t
awaiting on the court in montgomery county. utility across from pennsylvania and northern maryland worked around the many downed trees hear to repair the broken lines. work on the street was delayed because someone stole some of the fallen power lines that would have been used in the repair. but neighbor george worthington who had his power restored said they are used to being at the end of the line with pepco. >> a common occurrence. we're on a small feeder line and pepco doesn't concern it southwesterly the small feeders. >> reporter: not far away, five days of waiting came to an end at 1:45 this afternoon. >> look. your light are back on. >> it just happened. just now they turned them on. >> reporter: jerry black had hoped to move into his new home this week. those plans were foil by storm damage to a transformer. he used to live in howard county where power lines are underground and outages rare. >> frustrating. pepco kept saying, they're in your area. they're working on it. a transformer. it is bla bla bla, this and that. i never really got a straight story. >> reporter: across the s
, jane. and the city of frederick, maryland, is asking residents to voluntarily conserve water. the intense heat, coupled with low rainfall resulted in low water levels there. official warn if people don't cut back, the city may have to take more drastic measures to conserve water. >>> the human is baidity is bac. so is the chance of storms. >> later tonight we could see some scattered storms across the area. as far as right now, we have hazy conditions. a lot of humidity and steam today. that's really taken the heat index way up to about 100 degrees. you're looking currently at our skycam shot there with the washington monument in the distance. and our dew point temperatures, that water vapor, 65 to 69 degrees. in some neighborhoods, it has taken the heat index temperature way up. to 97 degrees, takoma park. 98 degrees in buoy and lando. and you folks in montgomery, wheaton and cole's activism it faelz like 106 in lenard arrested town. some areas from the shenandoah valley, some storm. then a better chance coming our way tomorrow. from late morning until early afternoon. we'll
at one of maryland's army bases. residents living there say cancer and other health problems stem from the army's careless disposal of the herbicide. exposure to the herbicide has been link had to certain types of cancer and other diseases. >>> men who turned in i suspect in a security breach say they didn't act alone. a computer hacker turned in an officer and that he had some additional help, someone in the boston area. that person, according to the informant, helped them set up encryption software used to send classified information. >>> now to the gulf oil spill. a day after bp's ceo said it's time to scale back cleanup efforts, local officials strongly disagree. the beaches at alabama reopened this weekend for the first time in more than 80 days. incoming ceo bob dudley says there's not much oil on the water surface, but a louisiana parish resident says gobs of oil is still in their marshes, and he would like to take dudley skiing. >>> taking a live look outside right now, an overcast, but very comfortable saturday evening, so what's next? bernadette woods is live at an updated lo
in maryland and virginia dropped in june. >>> there's words of a touch screen blackberry that will rival the apple iphone and other smart phones out there. research in motion is expected to unveil the new blackberry in new york on tuesday. it will include a new web browser and the slide of a keyboard in addition to the touch screen. it will hit the market in the middle of august. there's no word on how much it will cost. also, a dim forecast for the economy. rob nelson has more. >> good morning. a gloomy outlook for the economy. a new survey finds economists are predicting weaker growth and higher unemployment than a few months ago. one reason they believe the recovery is beginning its companies are still hesitant to hire. if that has led consumers to cut back on spending. it is usually consumers that lead the way out of a recession. the results are in line with the latest findings by the federal reserve. the regional fed survey reveals the pace of economic activity is slowing or holding steady in parts of the country but if it does nothing to point to a double-dip recession. the unemplo
... to move maryland forward. >>> good morning, maryland. 7:24. we're looking at maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we actually are lining up hefty rains on 83 in in yoant county cxsgglue o. hereford zone, it will be slow. it looks like it's redeveloping across parkton and north across middletown road to jarrettsville. and still rain in hunt valley. light showers towson, top side of the beltway, in response to storms that were pushing through the last couple of hours. big flareup of thunder and lightning in the poconos. showers passed through glen burnie and eastern shore overnight. winds already eeched over 45, 50 -- reached over 45, 50 miles per hour and today we could have the same deal. in fact these showers from the mountains, we'll watch for the possibility of reaching us after 9:00. 75 baltimore. 77 easton. humidity makes it upper 70s to lower 80s. the atmosphere is prime for more storms mid-afternoon through to the evening. any storms have the slight possibility of reaching severe limits, that means winds over 60 miles per hour, perhaps even large hail over one inch in diamet
forward. wjz, eyewitness news. >> violating maryland's wiretap laws comes with stiff penalties, up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. >>> an army intelligence specialist charged has been moved from kuwait the a military jail in virginia. private bradley manning is accused of leaking a video to the web site wick yi links. it shows u.s. troops killing a photographer and his driveer in baghdad. manning is also the focus of the pentagon investigation into thousands of leaked documents on the war effort in afghanistan. >>> after weeks of work, bp's new boss says it is time to scale back the company's clean- up effort in the gulf coast. in the days since bp capped the well, the crews in the area report seeing far less oil on the surface. the company says skimming boats and recent storms have helped remove or break up much of the oil. >>> a couple of days ago we saw maybe a very couple of small patches of oil that we had to get down low to identify them. >> reporter: but the operation to permanently seal the leak has hit another delay. the crews discovered debris in the relief well and t
in the area are without power. 262,000 in montgomery county, maryland. 43,000 without power in baltimore. 48,000 in northern virginia. and the clean-up has just begun. the damage is so severe and so widespread that as of now, they have no timetable as to when most places will be back online. in maryland, i'm kristin fisher for cbs news. >> thank you. >>> there were also severe storms in the midwest and rising floodwaters caused an iowa dam to break. cbs news correspondent cynthia bowers is in delhi, iowa, with the latest. good morning, cynthia. >> reporter: good morning, betty. what's amazing about this is that this concrete dam has stood since the 1920s when it was built for hydroelectric power. the lake it formed had provided generations of iowa families with an affordable getaway until a stream came crashing down, taking out a 30-foot section of concrete. a nine-mile lake was reduced to a puddle. the sad news for folks here is in a recession, finding the money to rebuild this thing may be next to impossible. no loss of life is the only good news here. betty? >> all right, cbs's cynthia bo
in annapolis. 72 in manassas. frederick, maryland, you are at 79 degrees. perhaps i need to take a nap. 78 in winchester. 77 in leonardtown. here is a look at the satellite- radar for the mid-atlantic regionen the eastern united states. the main thing you will notice here is these rain showers. this is socialed with a cold front that is tracking its way eastward making us way through the northeastern and eventually through the mid-atlantic states before that front gets here. we'll warm up quite nicely into the 90s and then the front comes through. that is likely to trigger some showers and thunderstorms as it is already doing all up and down that front. your forecast for washington for today then looks like this. some early sunshine but afternoon clouds. showers and thunderstorms are likely today. some of them could be strong. 93degrees for your high. for your five-day forecast, sweet relief tomorrow after the cold front comes through. cooler air, drier air, temperatures at or below normal. how often have we been able to say that, at or below normal. tomorrow, 87 degrees. mostly sunny on s
, mississippi. >>> a grand jury indicted a suspect in the murder of maryland state trooper wesley brown killed outside a forestville restaurant last month. anthony milton, jr. faces five charges including first degree murder. prosecutors say another suspect was also charged in the killing. he is in custody but has not yet been indicted. >>> a former virginia teacher is facing 10 years in prison after pleading gety to molesting a student. prosecutors say kevin ricks made friends with his victims and on occasion gave them tequila shots before molesting them. police say it was facebook that tipped someone off. a young friend of victim discovered sexually explicit messages between the victim and ricks on the site. but his legal problems are not over. federal prosecutors are charging him with child pornography. >>> one of the leaders of the most powerful drug cartels in mexico is dead this morning. details of massive raid. >>> plus, hundreds of people killed in flood waters. we are checking world headlines next on fox 5 morning news. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg, where
and kristen fisher tagged along with one crew in kensington, maryland. >> this is just one of the many crews from out of town working to restore power across the dc area. residents up and down this street say they are a welcomed sight after two days with no power. except for one very young resident. >> what has it been like these past few days without power? >> pretty fun, actually. i like that it's easier to scare my sister and brother because she'll die. >> ten-year-old jennifer is in no hurry to see crews remove this massive tree and restore power to his home. >> the wire yesterday and when the electricity went through, it was like fireworks. >> jonathan's dad is tired of being one of the 100,000 montgomery county residents still without power. >> did i miss my e-mail connections and the telephone. >> there's a solid chance that this family will be back online today, now that the cavalry arrived. 350 power crews from as far away as ohio rolled out of the montgomery county fair grounds early tuesday morning. they will be working around the clock until all of pepco's customers are ba
and lightning and northern loudon county and maryland and north frederick county, virginia, there is a line north of frederick passing south mountain, heading off to the north and east will begin to pull away from the area as the morning progresses. right now it's a steamy morning. we're in the 70s to near 80 degrees across the region. 70s on the eastern shore, 60s out of the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. and this morning we have the weak frontal zone coming through. later today too a chance of showers and thunderstorms, highs low 90s. wednesday, steamy all week. jerry, how's the traffic? >> good morning, everyone. heads-up, you were warned. 395 northbound at the 14th street bridge, a new lane configuration in the overnight hours early this morning. vdot is reconfiguring the travel lanes. construction barrels are right in the middle of the roadway and this will cause early confusion, particularly in the early morning darkness. you can see the construction barrels right there. we'll have two lanes to the right, two to the left. you get the drill. it's monday. >> and we'll
now in falls church. 70 in manassas. 77 degrees in annapolis, maryland and 71 degrees in gaithersburg. there's a look at the radar. one or two lone some showers moving oust central culpeper and down towards spotsylvania south of fredericksburg. one or two lone some rain drops. for the most part our saturday will be dry and rain free. might see another few isolated showers later on this afternoon and evening, primarily west of the blue ridge, west of the shenandoah valley, so if you have a ticket to the game tonight, the philly and the nationals, don't cancel your plans because i think they are going to have more than enough dry weather to get that game in inner loop great game last night. >> a good win for us. >> thanks, chuck. >>> new today two suspects are behind bars after allegedly stealing a car and crashing head on into a plolice cruiser. this happened last night in gaithersburg. police were notified by lojack. an officer began to follow the stolen car which sped up and crashed into the police cruiser. the officer involved in that crash is expected to be okay. >>> one person is
comments he made about the war in afghanistan. the former maryland lieutenant governor was caught on tape attacking president obama's afghan policy. steele suggested that the war there is unwinnable. other republicans who support the war are accusing steele of undermining american troops. democrats are calling for steele to resign, steele did release a statement today calling the war a necessary one. adding that the stakes are too high to accept anything but success in afghanistan. >>> still ahead tonight, mother of the bride, hillary clinton talking about making time for her new job. >>> and this july 4th is going to be a hot one. just how hot? >>> secretary of state hillary clinton has her hands full as america's top diplomat. her latest role as mother of the bride has her beaming. clinton's daughter chelsea is said to marry an investment banker at the end of the month. in poland today, clinton talked about squeezing in dress fittings and flowers in between overseas trips. then talked about her daughter's wedding again while in china. >> my daughter is getting married. it's the most imp
hendren, abc news, washington. >>> "good morning, maryland" news time now is 5:35. we have a crime crackdown now after two shootings in as many days. the harford county sheriff's office says edgewood can expect to see increased patrols. >> we want the good citizens of that community to know that we're going to have a concentrated presence in that community. >> earlier this week, a man gunned down a hagerstown man. wednesday night, a joppa man suffered a gunshot wound right to the chest. >>> we now know the name of the 23-year-old man who drowned in the loch raven reservoir. he was fishing when he went into the water and quickly got into trouble. his friends were not able to reach him. it is illegal to swim in all of the reservoirs. >>> yesterday's storms are blamed for bringing down power lines, trees, shutting down rail service in some places. more than 40 passengers were stuck for about three hours aboard this metro train right near silver spring. the marc's brunswick line was stopped also because of the power lines laying right there on the track. >>> fast-moving trains forced
store in buoy, maryland, around 9:00 this morning. he went to the downer and yelled at the clerk to hand over the money. the suspect then fired a gunshot into the air. the clerk gave up the cash and the suspect ran out the door and down the street. a few customers were in the store at the time but no one was hurt. >>> the national transportation safety board is now investigating that emergency landing that injured 20 passengers. the united airlines flight left dulles airport yesterday evening about 5:30 for l.a.x. but hit a lot ofture sglens land in the denver. passengers and crew member were injured, mostly with back and neck injuries. one woman was thrown from her seat. even left a crack on the plane where she hit the side of the cabin. we caught one passengers when they eventually arrived in los angel angeles. >> it felt like i had gone down an elevator shaft, hit the bottom and came back up. >> it was a big drop and all the wine glasses and everything went flying. there was drink all over the ceiling. people, and i guess some people might have not put their seatbelt on because that's
getting hammered. we had a tornado warning earlier this afternoon for rockville, maryland. that has expired. but these storms are now working their way across the chesapeak i wouldn't be surprised if we get more warnings issued with these storms as we advance through the rest of the evening hours. here's what's happening in terms of the heat. we still have the heat advisories for much of the east, the south, stretching into alabama, into georgia. where it feels like it's 110 degrees even. and there are a lot of places yesterday that actually soared to record highs. and you can see it here. richmond, virginia, for example, what a hot summer it's been for you, up to 105 degrees yesterday. so some really hot numbers there. baltimore, up to 100, raleigh up to 100 as well. and in new york's central park. 97 degrees, it's been a stretch a long stretch of hot weather and the storms have only been providing some relief, really. because it tends to get hot once again. i can tell you that tomorrow you'll get an improvement and you'll see a reduction in humidity but it won't be a dramatic chan
's what people are talking about. >> severe storms blew through maryland today. and more are coming through right now. the afternoon storm earlier today, about 1:30, brought high winds, heavy rain, and lightning to north baltimore. outside right now, it is still so steamy, and no new storms are tearing through right now. you can tell some of the clouds. meteorologist tim williams is here with updated numbers from first warning weather. tim? >> let's go right to first warning live doppler radar. just within the last 30 seconds, the highlighted area you see in the center of your scream is a thunderstorm warning in effect until 4:45. very strong storms have been rolling through the region. and when they come through, they bring torrential downpours, really drenching rains and gusting winds. and very, very strong storms at least for a short time. then they move on out. sitting down near vienna and cambridge. and salisbury, very strong storms. this is going to be the case this afternoon. take a look at your watches and warnings. take a look at the highlighted area. a severe thunderstorm
at that frederick, maryland, damascus, madd, 61. 60 in martinsburg. 64 in winchester. a beautiful start to the day. one or two lone some showers out in the mountains of west virginia down towards shenandoah valley. in the washington area thickening clouds. chances for rain around the washington area don't start until about 5:00, 6:00, steadier showers closer to-month. the vast majority of your saturday will be rain free except for the occasional shower. >> every barbecue we've been invited to has been rained out. yes, july, these afternoon showers. >> sketchy from a rain standpoint. >> thank you. two suspects are behind bars after allegedly stealing a car and crash nothing a police cruiser. it happened overnight around diamond back and story drive in gaithersburg. police were notified by the car's security system about a stolen car around 9:45 last night. an officer began to follow the stolen car which sped up and crashed into the police cruiser. the officer involved in the crash is expected to be okay. >>> a man threatened women at a grocery store spring them with his own bodily fluids. this atta
management from the university of maryland college and that he worked for u.p.s. and his work was a core piece of the investigation. >>> today is a 100 in the disaster in the gulf of mexico. the deep water horizon oil rig exploded and sank more than three months ago and 100 days later the cap is finally intact. the coast guard says the pressure around the well is stable. spotters from the air are having trouble finding any oil sheen in the water but louisiana officials aren't convinced the disaster will be coming toed and anytime soon. >> are they trying to say this is over? are they that stupid? you know, it took six weeks from when it first started to leak to come ashore and now they topped it last week and it's over? >> reporter: some oil is still washing up op beaches and scientists say massive clouds of oil suspended in the water column could contaminate seafood and deplete oxygen. >>> the coast guard is keeping a close eye on another oil spill in the gulf. a tug boat pushing a barge slammed in to an abandoned well 65 miles south of new orleans. it sent a plume of oil and gas in the
challenged the gun laws in maryland have claimed maryland's restrictions violate the second amendment. the attorney attorney's office declined to comment on the lawsuit. >> a new report on the growing number of cases of animal abuse in the city. it comes from a comprensive study released by the mayor's anti-animal abuse task force. here's lowell melser with more. >> just as there will be no violence against humans, there will be no violence against animals. until that day, i intend to work with that task force on an ongoing basis to make sure there is an advocate for the animals in our community who do not have a voice. >> the shocking results of a comprensive report by the mayor's anti-animal task force friday. the task force was appointed in the summer of 2009 by mayor sheila dixon after the brutal burning of phoenix, a pitbull that was doused in gasoline and set on fire by two teens. since then it has been working on the other hand the clock to combat animal abuse. >> we have been trying to help police investigate these crimes. >> the report shows the worst of the worst. from sicke
certified by maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> good morning, it's 7:24. we are currently dry around baltimore and towson up to our north. we've had showers in pennsylvania. this one through southern lancaster county, may clip the northern border, but the reason you are seeing clouds this morning. there's a frontal boundary to our west. it looked active a couple hours ago. but we are left with the mugginess and much more energy beyond that, as temperatures are actually at 79 right now in town. same story in easten. that will be fuel for this frontal boundary. it comes through early afternoon. the lunch hour, you may have to think twice about that outside. crossing south of baltimore around the bay bridge, annapolis, and down towards cambridge and delaware. this will be around the lunch hour and into the afternoon, it pushes into southern maryland. trips to the beach or from the beach will be wet, but by that point in time, 3:00 and beyond, we'll see the sun returning and a drop in humidity. it gets better for the weekend. today, 92, 2-degree guarantee. that should be around mi
was taken into custody. >>> the maryland washington, d.c. area has been hit by massive power outages after storms blew through the area knocking down trees and power lines. a prince georges county county fire spokesman says a tree fell on a mini-van killing a woman in beltsville. we'll send you back to new york for "good morning america." we'll see you in a half-hour for good morning maryland at 9:00. ♪ let's live it up i've got my money let's get it on ♪ >>> and we've got a feeling you're going to be back with us on friday, out in the park for black eyed peas. they are part of our summer concert series taking center stage on friday. we invite to you come on back. you're being very quiet and mysterious. >> oh, the sound. >> i know. >> we say good morning, america. on this monday morning, i'm robin along with george. >>> this morning, tory johnson is going to show you some people who have really mastered the art of living. making money from home. all of these people have done it. tory johnson is going to show us how. >>> plus, they can destroy your summer fun, and your home. army of ant
. and a maryland man gets an unexpected bonus when he buys a used van. >>> a frederick county man wanted the used van he bought to purr but not the way he ended up getting it to purr. he discovered a kitten was hateding under the spare tire. the cat was dehydrated and covered in oil but otherwise healthy. he decided to name the cat lucky. a man had a works at the shop where he bought the van said he often sees stray cats hanging around the area. he thinks lucky's mother helped him get inside the tear when he was very little and then just left him there. >> he looks healthy. >> yeah. he was getting something to eat. >> now i'm sure he will get spoiled. >> we're ready for the weekend to start. especially since it is so beautiful. >> unfortunately, it won't stay that way. you really want to get your outdoor plans squeeze in the on saturday. the first half of the weekend. let's take a look outside and see what's going on. we've got a few clouds out there. they're not producing any rain. in fact, it is very dry today with humidity down at 33%. the temperature, 84 degrees. and remember yesterday, how h
of the outages are in maryland. and here are the latest numbers. in montgomery county, 23,000 customers are still without electricity. nearly 5,000 customers are waiting in prince george's county for the power to come back on. and in the district, about 2,000 customers are still out. pepco says the goal is to have all power restored by tomorrow afternoon. meanwhile, call-in lines continue to ring nonstop. elaine has that story. >> there would be such an influx of calls. we said after 3:00, call and as anticipated, there was a large volume of call and it created a problem for our technology. that has been resolved now. >> reporter: there have been numerous complaints by customers claiming they aren't getting accurate informing about repair times. crews have been working around the clock since sunday night's storm, even enlisting the help of hundred of workers brought in from out of town. meantime, police officers spent the morning rush hour directing traffic at several dark intersections like this one at industrial parkway. pepco says it is prioritizing by safety. >> downed wires continue to be a
. this is brought to you by mazda. take a test drive at your mazda dealer today. >>> and a maryland state trooper is charged with collecting and distributing pornography. here's the latest. >> reporter: good morning, that state trooper is suspended without pay. a tip lead the police to this 47-year-old. he was a maryland state trooper of 12 years. he served on why profile details and on the laptop, the investigators found images of children. the police don't believe he took the photos. the charges of possession and distribution -- back to you. >> two current and two former students at morgan state university are charged with sexual assault. the four attacked a woman in her apartment in north 'baltimore last month. the ball mother sun reports that two play in the university marching band. >>> joe buyen makes a stop in baltimore. he was at the hilton hotel to support o'malley. and the biggest city event started at $250. the recent poll shows the governor race is at a a [ male announcer ] achin' for steak & bacon? try the subway steak & bacon melt. and build your better breakfast with the new steak
in maryland, saying they violate the second amendment. >>> 3 american hikers marked by gramm anniversaries. they have been held for one year. -- marked a grim never serene -- anniversary. their mothers visited them in may. they say there is no reason their children should not be allowed to come home. >> we think this is ridiculous, outrageous, unethical, and necessary. >> they are accused of espionage, -- unnecessary. >> they are accused of espionage, but they have not been formally charged. said it changed hollywood and politics collide -- >> hollywood and politics collide for chelsea clinton's wedding. >>> albert haynesworth was backed out running in th. coach shanahan will not put him out there. >>> a celebration is about to begin in rhinebeck, new york. >> there is nothing small about this wedding. richard reeve is joining us with some of the secret details. >> some are calling at the wedding of the year. it will be an expensive affair, costing millions. the small town of rhinebeck, new york, is buzzing with activity. there was an appearance by the father of the bride. it is not quite
capital of maryland, but just for 24 hours. governor martin o'malley will be in the city today to ame it capital for a day. the monthly program wws started by governor o'malley in 2007. it brings the state apital to %-thhough a series of events and the chosen cities, towws and up billions of dollars ú%h pentagon officials ssy they have no idea where all that money went. >>> i'm mily gracie live at east point mall for baltimore idol. >>> we have you and patrice out3 there, both because it's so big. >>>reporter: absolutely crazy. i'm jjined by alexis. how long have you bben in line >>>we got ere sometime in the %->> reporter: who would yours. sayyyou're most like? ú% i sing like, maybe a little januarjanice ssmething along the liness >> could we have a little bit of singing? >> absolutely.ú >> have you ome here for date ♪ ♪ have you come here to play jesus ♪ ♪ to the leepers i leepprs in y♪ >> love it. good job. alexis. >> how long have you been out >> let's get a group sing. ú%erybody belt it out all at once. >> 11. >> 11:00. >> sing for me.3 >> okay. -ll
a little volume northbound as you commute north to springfield. maryland, so far so good. american legion bridge, outer loop, inner loop, all is well. joe, pat? >> thanks very much, jerry. >>> well, with just a day left in july, it's already become the deadliest month for u.s. forces in afghanistan. overnight, we learned three more u.s. service members have been killed. a nato statement released earl i didn't this morning says the measures died in two separate blasts. those three deaths bring the u.s. death toll in afghanistan to at least 63 according to the associated press. that's the largest number in one month in the history of the nearly nine year war. >>> we're following a developing story out of california this morning. that's where firefighters are trying to get a handle on a blaze it that has scorched more than 2,000 acres overnight in los angeles county. the blaze broke out yesterday afternoon and quickly spread over seven square miles. about 1200 homes were under a mandatory evacuation orders last night, but so far none of the homes has been damaged. another massive fire near t
theatre at rockville saturday at 9:30. the man accused of killing a maryland state trooper has been indicted. a prince george's county grand jury has indicted 28-year-old anthony milton of first-degree murder and other charges in the death of trooper wesley brown. brown was gunned down outside of foresthill applebee's last month. another man, cyril williams, is also charged with the murder. >>> the fbi is investigating an incident involving an unruly passenger aboard a plane at reagan national on the u.s. delays flight that had been delayed because of storms yesterday. a passenger began making inappropriate and threatening comments. the passenger was removed from the flight so the fbi could question him. he was taken into custody without incident. >>> let's turn to the gulf of mexico. the blown-out oilwell that lead to millions of gallons of oral could soon be shut off for good. this weekend the crews will begin plugging it to stop it from leaking. meantime, the government is reopening fishing areas east of the mississippi river. fishermen are concerned cleanup elements along the gu
gets the house, the car. but who gets the dog? how one divorce case in maryland may change the way pets are viewed when a marriage splits up. carol costello's got a "gut check" for us ahead. >>> checkin this morning. as we cross the half-hour, three employees at the u.s. embassy in paris are being treated for poisoning after opening their mail citing a french police source, reuters says the exact nature of the poisonings is not yet known. the source also did not know the seriousness of the employees' condition. no comment yet from the u.s. embassy. >>> turns out the number of graves mislabeled or mismarked at arlington national cemetery is way more than originally thought. as many as 6,600 graves at arlington may have been affected in this. the army's previous estimate is much smaller. around 211 plots at the military burial ground. >>> this is now the deadliest month for u.s. troops in afghanistan since the war began nine years ago. in the past 24 hours, nato says three american soldiers were killed in two different blasts in southern afghanistan. that brings july's death toll to 63. >
in maryland. a -- the attorney attorney's office declined to comment on that lawsuit. >> now to a shocking new report on the growing number of cases of animal abuse in baltimore city. it comes from a comprensive report released from the anti-animal abuse task force. although there are shocking findings, there are plenty of good ideas in the report. squ >> the baltimore city mayor's anti-animal abuse task force was appointed in 2009 after the brutal burning of phoenix, a pitbull that wass doused in gasoline and set on fire by two teens. now years later, a comprensive report by the task force had landed on stephanie rawlings-blake's desk, and the results are shocking. >> i think what has disturbed us the most is some of the worst cases we saw were perpetrated by juveniles, children as young as 10 years old. >> the task force shows the worse of the worse from sickening abuse of dogs and cats to dog fighting and the problems with arresting and prosecuting offenders. the most upsetting, the shear number of young people involved, definitely something that has caught the eye of the mayor. >> it is a
, abc 7 news. >>> of maryland in make is back in custody tonight. 51-year-old dominic webster is paid from the medium-security facility around 11:00. -- escaped from the medium- security facility around 11:00. they used dogs, a police helicopter, and their high-risk tactical unit to find him. >>> the police chief says that major crimes dropped 6% in the first half of the year, compared to the same time last year. homicides are down 14%. the number of reported rapes dropped 7%. the only increase was in , which climbed 2%. >>> they want to extend their summer youth employment program. it was set and on august 6. adrian fenty has asked them to move the date to august 17. they have secured federal stimulus money to pay for that extension. one cannot set -- won mayoral councilman -- one mayoral candidate and counsel and has not voted. >>> it will have to pay to use dog parks. it will be a $40 annual fee, plus $5 for additional dogs. anyone caught inside without paying the fee will face a fine. >>> a stafford county is back in business. they were allowed to return this week. the owner was f
. for >> maryland -- well, let's go to maryland. whether maryland has been under cloud covers for the past few hours. and taking a look at the mixture of clouds and sun, we'll have a 92-degree high for today. it's been hotter and humid. and partly cloudy and 74 tonight. and we'll have thunderstorms and this is bringing us into the beautiful, beautiful run of weather for the week and week's end. >> stay with us, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> oh, we have people here from all over the country. from texas, from michigan, from florida. >> indiana, california. >> welcome back to "the early show," everybody. i'm harry smith along with erica hill and dave price. >>> coming up, you talk about a battle of wills. out on a hiking trail in montana, jack hanna and a bear. not just one bear -- >> is this for tv? >> was it a bear or a bear? >> a bear. >> was she down aways? >> big, angry bear. >> was she down aways? >> the bear didn't know who he was messing with. >> hi, jack. >> glad to be here. >> we're glad, too. >> there's a real story here. not the least of which is as important as the fact that jack had pepper spray. >
cumberland, maryland. these continued to slide off to the east slowly and will continue to break apart. otherwise, it is cloudy across the metro area. dulles airport is 74 degrees and 78 at reagan national airport. there will be some sunshine today and temperatures up to 93 degrees and a chance for a late day thunderstorms. >> we will be right back. >>> we have a traffic alert for drivers heading into the sea the third phase of the 14th street bridge project is under way and that means another new traffic pattern. we go live to arlington. >> good morning. we have traffic getting by on two lanes to the left and one to the right were the center lanes blocked. as the volume of the traffic builds, so do the backups. for drivers along the 14th street bridge, the monday morning commute could come with troubles. crews are beginning work on the third phase of the bridge rehabilitation project. >> this will be backed up. >> drivers are urged to get to the far right lanes. they can avoid the project altogether by using another route or an alternate form of transportation. >> this is crazy. we ca
filed a lawsuit in court claiming that maryland's restrictions on carry permits violate the second amendment. the attorney attorney's office refuses to comment. >> the state delegates office is calling for stricter immigration laws. he said law enforcement officers with reasonable suspicion should be able to ask questions about people's zip -- citizenship. he would also like the rule of law act which would prohibit cities from having policies that grant sanctuary to illegal citizens and would also give citizens enforcement power. >> we will give a citizen the right to sue if that citizen feels they are put in harm's way. this will give power to the people to remove politicians in which case they could be removed from office for malfesasnce of. >> we're back in just a moment with a check on today's with a check on today's by expanding the port, martin o'malley is creating the next generation of jobs right here in baltimore. 5700 hundred jobs... that means work for today... but even more jobs for the future. 5700 new jobs that makes maryland more competitive in the world economy. wit
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